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Logan Paul and Roman Reigns Just had a 5 Star Banger in WWE.

Logan Paul Just Competed in His Third Match Ever Against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2022 He Proved to World, He is More Than Just a Celebrity Wrestler at WWE.

Logan Paul and Roman Reigns Just had a 5 Star Banger in WWE.
Photo: World Wrestling Entertainment

Imagine Telling Someone in 2017 That in Five Years Logan Paul is Going to Wrestle Roman Reigns in Front of 40 000 People and They’re Casually Going to Have a Five-star Match the Simulation is Glitched.

We Live in a World Where Roman Reigns and Logan Paul Had a 24-minute Main Event Match for the WWE Title and This Was Sports Entertainment at Its Finest which Honestly, many people Expect to Put.

But the Biggest Plot Twist, This Also Ended Up Being Just a Good Old-fashioned Wrestling Main Event It Was Just a Classic Main Event It Was the Hero Champion Versus the Underdog Face Yes Logan Paul is So Good at Wrestling That Somehow He’s a Face and I Can’t Believe How Good This Ended Up Being Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is Confirmed It is Cemented It is Factual Logan Paul is That Guy, if You’re a Wrestling Fan and You Still Think Oh Logan Paul Sucks He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Here He’s Not a Real Wrestler He’s This He’s That Bro Just to Shut Up Leave Deactivate Your Life Because Wrestling is Not for You.

Logan Paul in his third match in his first Main Event, Logan Paul just went out there and he looked like Prime HBK in the ring when it comes to wrestling for some reason Logan Paul just gets it and I swear to God this guy is Born To Be A Wrestler and this match has proved it when I saw Logan Paul hit the book shot Larry my jaw was on the floor and I still can’t believe that happened.

Logan and Paul vs Roman Reigns, genuinely felt surreal everyone knew this match was gonna be a spectacle everyone knew it was gonna be pretty solid but the craziest part to me was these two made the crowd and made the fans watching around the world actually believe in the match.

Logan Paul in WWE Crown Jewel
Logan Paul in WWE Crown Jewel

As the match went on not only did we see Logan Paul be a great wrestler, this wasn’t just a match that was made to be a highlight reel to make Logan Paul look good not as the match went on the drama just kept increasing and increasing and eventually, everyone would just kind of lost in the moment.

Everyone knew that deep down Roman Reigns was gonna win there was no way Logan Paul was going to ever win this match but when Logan would tweak and hit a crazy move and go for the cover.

I don’t know why I don’t know how but I couldn’t help with falling for the pin Falls for that one millisecond my heart would stop and I’ll just be there like no way right it can’t be done and that’s what made the match so special they made everyone invested in a match that everyone knew the results.

“This Match in Crown Jewels Should cement the fact that Roman Reigns is no doubt one of the greatest kicker outers of all time in wrestling history.”

I was invested in the match I was into it some spots in this match were just crazy at one point Logan flew dead ass from one side of the Ring to the other side of the Ring one corner to the other and it made him just get absolutely clapped it genuinely looked like he died but Logan got up and was hitting Roman reigns with his very own Superman punches cross bodies low Downs.

Logan Paul was just doing anything and everything that came to his mind if you really think about it Logan Paul is just a real-life created superstar with one of the sickest creative move sets you can make this was an amazing match an amazing spectacle and stuff like this when it’s done right it makes wrestling so much fun.

The Main Takeaway is This Logan Paul is That Guy with His Cardio His Athleticism if Logan wanted to Be a Full-time Wrestler He Would Easily Be a World Champion and I Don’t Care No One Could Say He’s Not Worthy Because Yo When He’s in the Ring He’s Not Just Some Youtuber He’s Not Some Social Media Influencer or Whatever.

This Guy is a True Athlete and Just a True Superstar, We Just Saw Logan Do a Frog Splash From the Top Rope Through an Announce Table While Recording It on His Phone. This Guy is Just a Superstar He’s Built Differently, and He is Built to Be a Wrestler.

Roman Reigns did his thing but what really made this match truly five stars in my opinion what made this match truly go-tier match was one simple moment my
My favorite moment of the match hands down has to be when the Usos came out to help Roman Reigns in a WWE Main Event, an event held in a stadium with 40 000 people all you heard on the speakers was its everyday bro with that Disney Channel flow Jake Paul came out to its everyday bro.

at that point, I knew that this was going to be five stars no doubt no matter what happened at the end of the day this was the perfect mix of wrestling and sports entertainment.

This match went from a slow burn match that slowly picked up and eventually had everyone going nuts and it climaxed into a 1999 Attitude Era over of a match it was magical and only in wrestling would you ever see something as crazy as this.

Logan Paul
Photo: Logan Paul in WWE

I Am So Curious to See What They Do With Logan Paul Now It’s Kind of Wild How He Went From the Miz at One Pay-per-view to Roman Reigns at the Next One His Third Match Ever Was Against Roman Reigns in a Pay-per-view Main

What Could Be Next Tonight He Proved That He’s Not Just Some Celebrity That You Bring in for a Mid Card Match Now and Then He’s Not Just a SummerSlam or WrestleMania Attraction Now Instead Tonight Was a Night He Proved He is a Certified Mid Card or Even Main Event Wrestler and Where He Goes From Here.

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