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Why Antoine Griezmann Can Only Play 30 Min Per Match?

Antoine Griezmann is Only Play 30 Min Per Match because of 40 Mil Financial Clause between Barcelona & Atletico Madrid two year Loan agreement.

Why Antoine Griezmann Can Only Play 30 Min Per Match
Photo: Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is Either Warming Up to Come on or Exchanging Pleasantries With His Teammate as He Enters the Pitch as a Substitute Once Again and Again Around 60th Minute Mark It’s Groundhog Day Every Match Day for Griezmann but Why is It the Pecking Order at Atletico Madrid or is Something Else Going on?

welcome to Sportsfeed and spoiler alert yes there is something else going on Griezmann is caught in the middle of two teams that do not want to either spend big money on his wages still or B doesn’t want to pay 40 million euros for a service what do his Menace have to do with it we’ll get into that in this article
we’ll look at Barcelona’s point of view Atletico Madrid’s point of view the structure of his loan deal and of course how it must feel to be Griezmann pretty shit Right?

Antoine Griezmann's 60th minute substitution for Atletico Madrid
Photo: Antoine Griezmann’s 60th minute substitution for Atletico Madrid

Let’s get into this mess through no fault of his own Antoine Griezmann is yet another Barcelona player or I guess former Barcelona player at this point that was handed an insane contract during the Bartomeu years and so with the club’s finances in a terrible State La Porta and Co had to pull out all the levers and stops in order to reduce their salary Mass renegotiate contracts defer wages and off course sell and loan out some of their players.

Atletico Madrid became interested in bringing back Antoine Griezmann knowing that they had a ton of Leverage in the deal when it comes to the wages and the fee they would pay for them what Barcelona analytical agreed upon is a little bit murky as various trusted Outlets are reporting conflicting things when it comes to whether the two-year deal was always agreed upon whether it was technically a one-year deal that would easily be triggered as a two-year deal based on appearances.

Regardless that’s kind of pointless mostly as the real meat of this deal the meat of concern is the 40 million obligations to purchase Griezmann should he reach appearance requirements agreed upon between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid

but where the one-year versus two-year deal does matter is how both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid interpret the appearance requirements for the 40 million euro obligation to put it in plain terms, the Clause that would trigger the obligatory 40 million euro purchase buy Atletico is that should Griezmann feature for 45 minutes and 50 of the matches that he is available for.

During his loan then the purchase Clause will be triggered automatically but that’s where the one year versus two years conundrum kicks in really and is likely going to ensure a date in court between the two clubs hold the court thought for a second though during griezmann’s first season alone the 21-22 season he was a regular and that he played 45 minutes or more and 81 of atleti’s matches that he was available for that season looking through

Antoine Griezmann’s appearances this season I mean if you weren’t aware of his contractual or lone situation you would be pretty confused not once has the Frenchman started a match this season but to his credit here he has scored in pretty much every other appearance sure his time at Barcelona will have heard his reputation a little and yes Atletico do indeed have a gifted attacker to provide competition for Griezmann but when compared to how he was utilized last season, the difference is massive so far this period.

he has averaged 27.5 minutes but has still managed to score three goals in that stretch which is quite impressive from a man who hasn’t started a single match right it’s no secret at this point that griezmann’s limited minutes have nothing to do with his quality as a player and everything to do with his strange contractual situation following his Cameo against FC Porto in which he scored the game winning goal with the final kick of the match

it is what it is it’s out of my hands I’m grateful to God for being here my family is happy I, of course, want more but I’m going to give everything I have in the minutes I have I feel like a man of the club I am happy here and only want to play here and give everything for the club for cholo and for the fans

Griezmann had this to say about his situation

Simeone everything points toward him wanting Griezmann at the club the few minutes are purely out of necessity not out of preference but he has tried to be as encouraging as possible when he speaks speaking about how well Griezmann has played in those 30 minutes and how he has echoed what others at the club have said they’d rather 30 great minutes from Griezmann than 60 average ones that’s the glass half full view of things of course.

the interpretation of the contract is what makes it complicated and where Barcelona and Atletico Madrid disagree on things, let me try to break this down to the most coherent way possible first off you remember that his appearances that contribute to the claws are only for the matches he has been available. But it is just sad for Football.


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