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Delhi Capitals announces five cricket academies in Delhi NCR  

Delhi Capitals CEO, Dhiraj Malhotra (Right), and Kriti Jain Gupta, Associate Director of Conscient Sports, unveiling the jersey.

In an endeavor to bolster cricket at the grassroots level, the esteemed IPL franchise, Delhi Capitals, recently made an announcement of great significance. They have partnered with Conscient Sports to establish five cricket academies across Delhi NCR, commencing operations in August 2023.

The primary objective of Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy.

The primary objective of these academies is to nurture the talents of approximately 500 young aspiring cricketers aged between 5 and 20 during their inaugural year. To achieve this, the technical team of Delhi Capitals has meticulously crafted a comprehensive curriculum that will serve as the cornerstone of their training program.

Joining hands for a bright future, Conscient Sports and Delhi Capitals announce partnership to operate Delhi Capitals Cricket academies.

The cricket academies will be meticulously managed by a team of well-trained coaches affiliated with Delhi Capitals. These dedicated professionals will organize practice sessions and match days, with a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of coaching and player development. The Technical Director and management will hold regular review sessions to maintain top-notch training.

The academies will grant students access to tournaments and leagues. This exposure will allow young cricketers to test their skills and learn important lessons in a competitive environment. Delhi Capitals management is dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere for young cricketers.

Joining hands for a bright future, Conscient Sports and Delhi Capitals announce partnership to operate Delhi Capitals Cricket academies.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Dhiraj Malhotra, CEO of Delhi Capitals, shared the franchise’s ambitious plans for nurturing cricketing talent. He expressed delight in partnering with Conscient Sports and emphasized the importance of honing cricketing skills to the best of their ability. The establishment of the Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy signifies the franchise’s commitment to providing individual attention to each player, ensuring their unique skill sets are understood and developed to their full potential.

Malhotra also revealed that the Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy would actively facilitate scouting opportunities for talented individuals. In addition, students will have the privilege of participating in various tournaments and leagues, further enhancing their exposure and growth.

Kriti Jain Gupta, Associate Director of Conscient Sports, expressed their aspiration to provide comprehensive training and understanding to budding cricketers at the grassroots level in India. The establishment of these five cricket academies is expected to make a substantial impact on the cricketing landscape in Delhi NCR, nurturing and shaping the future stars of the game.

With the combined efforts of Delhi Capitals and Conscient Sports, these academies will create a pathway for young cricketers to flourish and make their mark in the sport. The collaboration between the franchise and sports organization symbolizes their shared commitment to promoting cricket at its grassroots, empowering young talents to realize their dreams and contribute to the growth of the game in India.

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